03 June 2014

Belvederre - The Symbol of Luxury

Luxury Villas in Goa
Luxury Villas in Goa - Belvederre by Ashray
Ashray developers's proud creation, Belvederre is all set to amaze. 12 Exquisite luxury Villas boasting a majestic living at a peaceful locality and elite neighborhood. 11 of these 12 premium Villas in Goa have already been claimed while the construction is still ongoing. What more is there to claim but the superiority of the construction and the reputation of Ashray Developers.

The classy villas is a facade of sheer beauty and a symbol of luxury. Built to pamper the ego of the resident and developed to the prideful reputation of Ashray Developers Goa, possesses features fit for a royal lifestyle. A single villa in the Belvederre project is of approximately 230 square meters is settled in a location of a pleasant green view of the surrounding. The pool deck allows for a leisure feeling for anyone who wishes to take a dip into the pool during the summer heat.

Luxury Villas for Sale in Goa - Belvederre by Ashray
Belvederre project view
As for the outside, the garden is designer landscaped for enhanced appeal of the villa. Even a visitor to the villa is treated well with a reserved visitor parking. The surrounding greens is a vast stretch of an appealing scenery which compels anyone to own a home there.

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