11 June 2014

Luxury Real Estate Market in Goa

The idea of luxury properties in Goa being developed for sale is a quite a debated one. Some would argue that the high property prices do not justify the average house hold income of an individual when it comes to purchasing power. Yet others state that if such was the case, luxury villas in Goa would not have been sold much. 

Goa is home to different classes of individuals apart from the locals. Many Goans have migrated abroad in the years gone and have taken advantage of the difference in purchasing power to buy ideal homes in Goa. There are even Non - Goans who look up to Goa as the perfect holiday home or retirement getaway.

Premium Villas Goa
Frangipanni - Anjuna Goa
Ashray Developers has believed in the people who wish to purchase luxury properties in Goa. The company has developed premium villas in Goa for sale over the years, and at a steady pace has sold its projects off systematically. The company’s years in the real Estate industry, along with their projects and experience makes for a very powerful statement in the Real Estate Industry in Goa. 

A look at Ashray’s Projects is more than sufficient for anybody to acknowledge the excellence in their constructions. They stand as a monumental example in favor of developing luxury real estate in Goa and the demand it has.

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