19 August 2014

Luxury Landscape Designing Tips

Got yourself an 'A' grade home but wrap your head around the landscaping? Everyone has an interest to own a beautiful home but the crux to its beauty is the wonderful landscape that decorates your luxury villa in Goa. Many consider sourcing the aid of a designer but the unnecessary fuss can put a person off.  Here are some quality ideas to consider while designing your own landscape and get it done with a vision.
Tip no.1
List your needs. It’s the basic essential of owning a garden. Are your kids going to play in it or do you plan to stay off the grass? Are you considering your own little farming plan? Depending on your reasons, the Garden needs to be designed lest you have some exquisite feet off garden where kids are playing foot ball and Cricket.
Tip no. 2
Frangipanni Villas in Goa
Frangipanni Landscape
Study the weather conditions to understand where to place what. You wouldn't need your Garden bench in the area that gets unnecessary amount of direct sunlight on your back. Not to mention the wind whistle which could cause problems while starting your barbecue fire? These are common mistakes during landscaping and need to be taken into account at the start.

Tip no. 3
You need to start small, very small. After that you need to build your way up. Many people feel overwhelmed while designing a large garden especially to match the class of your home. The trick is to start on a small design after which you expand to make things work and look better as you feel. It’s a pretty simple procedure but the idea can be pretty grand. Try it out.

Tip no. 5

Maintain continuity in your landscape designs and work with vibrant colors. The idea is to maintain uniformity in design while not making your color scheme and pacing seem monotonous. Incorporate all the elements you can consider and plan where you want what item like trees and swings. Scale and pacing of your landscape will be a tricky part of your designs so take care to maintain the appeal.

So plan your new landscape and get to designing your own custom landscape.

12 August 2014

Defining luxury living

A Luxury home is not just about the right place, the right properties, the right amenities or about the property value. In the years past, Luxury Homes in Goa have evolved as more and more people have purchased premium homes. Here are some elements to a lifestyle that define luxury living especially in the state of Goa.

Luxury Villas in Goa
Frangipanni Luxury Villas in North Goa

Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy:  This is the base mentality when it comes to luxury homes be it Penthouses or Villas in Goa. Luxury doesn’t mean what is comfortable but rather what adds to a comfortable lifestyle but is not necessary. It’s all about standing out and receiving looks of envy from on-lookers.

Exclusivity: Having something in your home that is exclusive or branded makes for a rather important definition of Luxury living. Luxury Homes themselves are branded by Builders implying that each project is exclusive for the required clientele. Ashray Real Estate Developers Goa has maintained such a reputation in Goa for Luxury properties and has never gone astray.

Location: This is the prime factor for luxury living. Having your premium property in an area that is reputed for the elite or something totally special is a sure shot way to qualify for luxury living. Its exclusive, its desired and it’s yours, that’s a really luxury.

Gadgets and Amenities: Almost everyone can get their hands on modern gadget and amenities for their Villas in Goa. Luxury would be getting gadget and amenities that would not be easily available or is imported. Brand and price tag matters when it comes to luxury and premium. Again it’s not just about having the most useful but rather that which is not very necessary.

So live your life in style and splurge in your comforts, that is what luxury living is all about.

14 July 2014

Living Large in Goa

So you have the money and desire to live a life of Grandeur in Goa? Buying a Luxury Home is just one of the many options you have for a splurge lifestyle. A Posh Home with a modern classy interior architecture is bound to attract envy, especially if your house is selected for a photo shoot for a high end Fashion design or magazine.

Having a such a photo shoot for a high end magazine with glamorous models having their costume and beauty accentuated by the surrounding of your home as the photographer captures the beauty on lens is a nice way to get into the spotlight.

Frangipanni Villa in Goa
Ashray Developers - Frangipanni, Goa
Something even better is to enjoy the luxury of the best vehicles you can get your hands on to fill up your parking space at home. Size matters and a classy SUV ready in your garage to take you around the roads of Goa is surely something to get you noticed.  A bike is the symbol of class in Goa and with Premium bikes being available in Goa, offers the rich a new source for splurging.

Interior Designs can only go as far as impressing and earning envy from friends and family who enter your dwelling but Exterior design is making a really loud statement of who you are and what you are all about. A Pool by a deck within the secure walls of your luxury home besides a landscape and garden trimmed and maintained with simple yet exotic themes virtually screams a posh life from the homes.

This is Goa, and living a life large here starts from your home.

30 June 2014

Things to look out for while buying luxury properties

Generous lighting and clear views of the surrounding : Having a luxury home with plenty of natural light flooding in from the windows which affords the homeowner an unobstructed view of the surrounding improves the mood and makes for a vibrant home ambiance.

Ceiling height – 14 foot 
Ceiling height is the norm for the interiors inside a luxury property. Anything below 14 feet makes for feeling other than large and luxurious.

Architecture: Architectural uniqueness and style echoes in loud volumes the plush and lifestyle in a luxury real estate property. Compensating on this aspect of real estate demarks the overall value of the property..drastically.

Layout: Luxury real  estates especially villas need to be of a practical and open layout for the comfort in movement. Makes sense that a house with everything huddled together makes it less than comfortable which is the prime aspect of Luxury.

Windows: The primary source of heat and cooling loss. These may seem petty, but a proper Glass framework which insulates from noise and weather is very important at even normal houses.

Landscape: The surrounding gardens and landscape(if any) is the front presentation of your luxury home. Ensuring a well trimmed and neat landscape gardens certainly improves on the style and appeal of your luxury property.

Reputation: What anyone usually looks for in the property is very commonly the reputation of the builder. The fact that that the property is a luxury property itself speaks volumes of the builder, but a solid reputation backs it up even further.

Locality: Locality becomes rather important in luxury properties. Simply put it’s either in the locality of posh and elite individuals or in a quiet area with an authoritative surrounding demanding respect and envy.

Look at the above to get the best out of luxury villas in Goa for sale.

23 June 2014

Luxury Real estate – Confidence in a slow market

The trend of purchasing luxury property in Goa has slowed down in the past years, with luxury villas in Goa for sale being priced at an average of INR 2 Crores for all the high end facilities and services. Such costs seldom surprise a local Goan as the real estate prices have risen undeterred despite the slow sales.

Luxury Villas in Goa for Sale
Luxury Villas in Goa for Sale
Despite the slow sales of high end luxury projects, the builders are undaunted. Builders like Ashray Developers continue to cater to a niche clientele. Ashray Developers have over the years maintained a consistent business developing high end projects and selling their stock successfully.  

One of the reasons that can be attributed to this successful venture of high end projects in this economy is that land is considered a scarce and therefore a high demand resource. Taking advantage of this, builders normally identify properties in areas where plots have their worth in platinum if not Gold.

For example Ashray Developers Nyassa project by the back waters of Chapora is one that has a limited stock of 2 rivers touching premium villas in Siolim Goa.  With a property at such a divine location purchasing it is a desire that is easily born. 

11 June 2014

Luxury Real Estate Market in Goa

The idea of luxury properties in Goa being developed for sale is a quite a debated one. Some would argue that the high property prices do not justify the average house hold income of an individual when it comes to purchasing power. Yet others state that if such was the case, luxury villas in Goa would not have been sold much. 

Goa is home to different classes of individuals apart from the locals. Many Goans have migrated abroad in the years gone and have taken advantage of the difference in purchasing power to buy ideal homes in Goa. There are even Non - Goans who look up to Goa as the perfect holiday home or retirement getaway.

Premium Villas Goa
Frangipanni - Anjuna Goa
Ashray Developers has believed in the people who wish to purchase luxury properties in Goa. The company has developed premium villas in Goa for sale over the years, and at a steady pace has sold its projects off systematically. The company’s years in the real Estate industry, along with their projects and experience makes for a very powerful statement in the Real Estate Industry in Goa. 

A look at Ashray’s Projects is more than sufficient for anybody to acknowledge the excellence in their constructions. They stand as a monumental example in favor of developing luxury real estate in Goa and the demand it has.

03 June 2014

Belvederre - The Symbol of Luxury

Luxury Villas in Goa
Luxury Villas in Goa - Belvederre by Ashray
Ashray developers's proud creation, Belvederre is all set to amaze. 12 Exquisite luxury Villas boasting a majestic living at a peaceful locality and elite neighborhood. 11 of these 12 premium Villas in Goa have already been claimed while the construction is still ongoing. What more is there to claim but the superiority of the construction and the reputation of Ashray Developers.

The classy villas is a facade of sheer beauty and a symbol of luxury. Built to pamper the ego of the resident and developed to the prideful reputation of Ashray Developers Goa, possesses features fit for a royal lifestyle. A single villa in the Belvederre project is of approximately 230 square meters is settled in a location of a pleasant green view of the surrounding. The pool deck allows for a leisure feeling for anyone who wishes to take a dip into the pool during the summer heat.

Luxury Villas for Sale in Goa - Belvederre by Ashray
Belvederre project view
As for the outside, the garden is designer landscaped for enhanced appeal of the villa. Even a visitor to the villa is treated well with a reserved visitor parking. The surrounding greens is a vast stretch of an appealing scenery which compels anyone to own a home there.