30 June 2014

Things to look out for while buying luxury properties

Generous lighting and clear views of the surrounding : Having a luxury home with plenty of natural light flooding in from the windows which affords the homeowner an unobstructed view of the surrounding improves the mood and makes for a vibrant home ambiance.

Ceiling height – 14 foot 
Ceiling height is the norm for the interiors inside a luxury property. Anything below 14 feet makes for feeling other than large and luxurious.

Architecture: Architectural uniqueness and style echoes in loud volumes the plush and lifestyle in a luxury real estate property. Compensating on this aspect of real estate demarks the overall value of the property..drastically.

Layout: Luxury real  estates especially villas need to be of a practical and open layout for the comfort in movement. Makes sense that a house with everything huddled together makes it less than comfortable which is the prime aspect of Luxury.

Windows: The primary source of heat and cooling loss. These may seem petty, but a proper Glass framework which insulates from noise and weather is very important at even normal houses.

Landscape: The surrounding gardens and landscape(if any) is the front presentation of your luxury home. Ensuring a well trimmed and neat landscape gardens certainly improves on the style and appeal of your luxury property.

Reputation: What anyone usually looks for in the property is very commonly the reputation of the builder. The fact that that the property is a luxury property itself speaks volumes of the builder, but a solid reputation backs it up even further.

Locality: Locality becomes rather important in luxury properties. Simply put it’s either in the locality of posh and elite individuals or in a quiet area with an authoritative surrounding demanding respect and envy.

Look at the above to get the best out of luxury villas in Goa for sale.

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