14 July 2014

Living Large in Goa

So you have the money and desire to live a life of Grandeur in Goa? Buying a Luxury Home is just one of the many options you have for a splurge lifestyle. A Posh Home with a modern classy interior architecture is bound to attract envy, especially if your house is selected for a photo shoot for a high end Fashion design or magazine.

Having a such a photo shoot for a high end magazine with glamorous models having their costume and beauty accentuated by the surrounding of your home as the photographer captures the beauty on lens is a nice way to get into the spotlight.

Frangipanni Villa in Goa
Ashray Developers - Frangipanni, Goa
Something even better is to enjoy the luxury of the best vehicles you can get your hands on to fill up your parking space at home. Size matters and a classy SUV ready in your garage to take you around the roads of Goa is surely something to get you noticed.  A bike is the symbol of class in Goa and with Premium bikes being available in Goa, offers the rich a new source for splurging.

Interior Designs can only go as far as impressing and earning envy from friends and family who enter your dwelling but Exterior design is making a really loud statement of who you are and what you are all about. A Pool by a deck within the secure walls of your luxury home besides a landscape and garden trimmed and maintained with simple yet exotic themes virtually screams a posh life from the homes.

This is Goa, and living a life large here starts from your home.

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